Watch our robot in action preparing patient samples (blood plasma)
for further proteomics mass analysis. Click here.

ZuLa provides high throughput proteomics analyses of clinical samples, first of all blood plasma.

By fast and accurate profiling of the relative concentrations of abundant proteins, stratification of patients is performed that is predictive of the progression of Alzheimer's disease (AD) as well as other severe diseases. Unlike our competitors who search for (often elusive and sometimes non-existent) "golden" molecules uniquely identifying disease status, our approach is to utilize easily accessible information coded in small variations of the levels of abundant proteins. This approach is fast, requires minute amounts of sample, and is potentially scalable to be incorporated in the high-throughput blood analysis pipeline of major hospital centers.

ZuLa conducts research related to the action mechanism of novel as well as known anticancer and antibacterial agents. Rapid "in-silico" mechanism prediction algorithm is used to forecast the best complementary drugs for known anticancer agents.

We offer potent antibacterial and antiviral substances designated derivatized diamines, for research collaboration, project partnering and out-licensing.

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